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At Unicare Medical Center, a cohort of profoundly skilled healthcare specialists from the Amina Healthcare Group takes the helm. With meticulous discernment, these experts have curated a collection of hospitals and clinics, handpicking each based on exacting quality standards. Our pledge to upholding clinical eminence and dispensing principled, top-tier healthcare is firmly reinforced by our steadfast commitment to rigorous quality assurance benchmarks. Whether you enter our premises as an outpatient or necessitate day case attention, place unwavering trust in the adept hands of our clinical team. Their wholehearted dedication knows no bounds, as they tirelessly endeavor to ensure that you not only receive optimal treatment but also experience a prompt recuperation. Your well-being stands as our utmost priority.

Our new doctors

Dr. Nithin Markose Reji

Dental General Practitioner

Dr. Safwan Latheef

General practitioner

Dr. Hasnath Shabbir

General Practitioner

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